Friday, September 25, 2009

Sunday, September 20, 2009

59th Annual Snug Harbor Fence Show

The 59th Annual Snug Harbor Fence Show was held today.  What a beautiful sunny day to walk around and check out some of the city's best artists!

I was surprised to see so many people selling jewelry at the show.  But, that is a form of art as well so I guess it makes sense.

Most of the art there was good.  There were a few that were AMAZING!  And, there were also a few that were subpar.  

Next year I will be sure to bring a few hundred dollars with me so I can add a new piece of local art to my collection!

Sri Lankan Sunday Buffet

photo courtsey of the NY Times

Today I visited the Sri Lankan restaurant San Rasa (226 Bay Street, Tompkinsville, 718.420.0027) for their Sunday, all-you-can-eat $11 buffet.  The restaurant is a short walk from the ferry so it is easily accessible to visitors from the other boroughs.  

The buffet is filled with traditional Sri Lankan cuisine: curry chicken, oxtail, curried kingfish, eggplant, sweet green beans, rice noodles, yellow rice with cinnamon, hot onion-chili potatoes, and much much more.

A delicious mango lassa and mango mousse rounded out the meal and helped to cut the hot spices.

I was inspired to check out this place after reading an article in the NY Times last week highlighting the new ethnic restaurants on the Island.


I finally tried Burek.
After reading an article about new Staten Island restaurants in the NY Times last week I decided to visit Rey's Pizza on Victory & Cebra to try their Burek.
It was a delicious flaky phyllo dough filled with ricotta cheese.
Burek is also available with a meat filling.
I highly recommend it!
Go HERE for the original NY Times article.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Bridge The Gap II

photo courtesy of Bridge the Gap

Bridge The Gap II is the second annual music, art and food "be-in" hosted by the Staten Island arts community organization, SICOLAB
A great turnout on a beautiful sunny day at the Alice Austin House.
Music performers included:
Les Vinyl & the Cl-Cl-Clones
The Delay
The Higher Concept
Trish & Christophe
There were lots of dogs and kids running around and having a great time.
Plenty of food on had with a ridiculous amount of cupcakes for sale.
Delicious vegetarian food was provided by Charlie Gonzalez.  I ate some of the best hummus I've ever eaten from him.
Practice Consciousness

Friday, September 18, 2009

6 New Stores Coming To The Staten Island Ferry Terminal

There are 6 new storefronts opening at the Staten Island Ferry Terminal (St. George) by the end of 2009.

The planned stores are:
The Statue of Liberty Deli
The Shoe Cobbler
Barber Shop
Island Soft Pretzels
Fresh Juice
Ice Cream Shop

They will join an already bustling Coffee and Candy shop and the US Post Office.

Is this the best we can do???

What about a:
24 Hour Bagel Store
A dry cleaner so that you can drop off in the morning and pick up on your way home.
Starbucks (or a local Mom-N-Pop version of GOOD coffee)
A bar/lounge for when you're waiting for the next ferry
Fruit, vegetables & fresh baked bread market
A wine/liquor store

Why Aren't You Naked?

I went to the 3 Legged Dog Gallery downtown on Greenwich near Rector St.
There is a red-hot media art exhibition there until October 3rd.
Very cool trippy video's.
A must see if you are in FiDi.
Open Tues-Sat noon-10pm.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


What does a single, social, thirtysomething man do on Staten Island?
More than you think.
Most of my time is spent on Staten Island, downtown Manhattan and Brooklyn.
Here's a new blog documenting my life around NYC.
Look forward to